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Trouble with Achievements.

  • Type: Tricks
  • Game: GTA IV
  • Date: May 26, 2008 - 06:08 PM
  • Found by: Devil

If you are having trouble with unlocking certain achievements, then here's a few tips:

For the "Clean The Mean Streets" achievement, I just went after the criminals on foot, because they are incredibly easy and quick to kill. Eventually though, you'll have to go after a stolen vehicle or gangs. This is the simplest and quickest way of unlocking the acievement.

For the "One Man Army" achievement, I just used a boat. Firstly, I stood near a boat then got a 6* wanted level by shooting cops and pedestrians. Once you have the 6* wanted level, climb into the boat and speed off. As long as the helicopters and other police boats can still see you, you will be able to just drive without them catching you up. Before you know it, the 5 minutes are up and you have the achievement.

For the "Wheelie Rider" achievement, I used a Faggio.
I (shamefuly) struggled with this, before trying it on a Faggio. Because these are slow but easy to handle, it was quite simple to just pull the front wheel up and hold it there.

For the "Genetically Superior" achievement, I just used a combination of Turismo and Banshee through all the races. This a simple award to get, but 20 races is a lot, but those 2 cars are fast and easy to control, so they should speed up the races a little.

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