Glitches & Secrets

Blue Hell Jump III

  • Type: Glitches
  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: December 22, 2007 - 03:18 PM
  • Found by: drewpot2001
Secret or Glitch

Works on: PlayStation2 [Yes] XBox [???] PC [Yes]
Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack
Description: This one is located in Las Venturas. Locate the Sobell Rail Yard, which is on the east coast of Los Santos. Head down into the water, on the other side of the cliff. You should see a boat in the water near you, called the Jetmax. Where the Jetmax is, jump back onto the cliff so you are walking along it, not swimming. Continue walking north until you see that the part you are walking on is starting to end. Now, push yourself left and into the ledge while you walk, until you start to go inside. That part is solid, but if you want to jump down and swim in the water, continue to walk north until you fall down. You can actually swim to the edge of the water, and then drop into blue hell before respawning on the road on top. This can also be done with a Jetpack, if you'd like to fly around underneath. The following picture shows me inside, and how far away it is from the parked Jetmax. There's also a Jetmax that I drove to get to the spot.

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