Glitches & Secrets

Blue Hell Jump IV

  • Type: Glitches
  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: December 22, 2007 - 03:18 PM
  • Found by: Lysergio
Secret or Glitch Secret or Glitch Secret or Glitch Secret or Glitch

Able to Use: On Foot, Jetpack, Bikes
Description: Locate the unmarked Pay N Spray in Las Venturas. You'll notice that this Pay N Spry isn't marked on the in-game map, or the one that came with the game. When you go inside it, the garage door closes behind but the view doesn't change; you still see the car.

When you try and enter the Pay N Spray, the whole width going across isn't solid, and you can fall right through. You'll end up warping back into almost the exact same spot when you drop down. If you take a bike down, make sure you're facing straight forwards without any tilt or you'll lose it.

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