Glitches & Secrets

Ghost Town

  • Type: Glitches
  • Game: GTA III
  • Date: December 12, 2007 - 04:07 AM
  • Found by: TheDuffMan
Glitch Glitch Glitch Glitch Glitch

The Ghost Town is the place you see in the first movie of the game, where the robbery toke place. They decided to "hide" it behind the back of Shoreside Vale, but you can get there by either the Dodo, or fly the Rhino there. To get there, take off the opposite way of which way you'd normally go off the runway at the airport. Then, simply continue to follow the coast for a bit of time. Eventually, behind the closed off road areas, the Ghost Town will appear. The plane usually gets harder to handle in this area, and can lose control easily if you're not careful. Not much there, and you can't land on anything, but a pretty cool secret.

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