GTA III Triple Insanes

Here are some places to do the jumps.

Asuka's Place

Insane1p1Insane1p1 Insane1p2Insane1p2 Insane1p3Insane1p3

Accelerate as fast as possible down this road, and just drive straight towards the building. It's really easy to get Triple Insanes, and pretty easy to get Perfect Triple Insanes, it just may take a few tries. It's a pretty fun spot, with a new Banshee waiting nearby if you blow up your car.

Pole Spinning

Insane2p1Insane2p1 Insane2p2Insane2p2 Insane2p3Insane2p3

Basically, drive as fast as you can towards this pole and hit it. There are three roads you can take coming to it, but all work fairly well. It's a little harder to get a Triple Insane, but Double Insanes come a little easier.