GTA IV Radio Stations

There are 18 radio stations in GTA IV, ranging in genre from soul to ambient. Take a look through them below.

Electrochoc Electro Choc (Dance)
Unknown Fusion FM (Soul)
Unknown Integrity 2.0 (Talk)
IF99 International Funk IF99 (Funk)
Unknown Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 (Jazz)
K109 K109 - The Studio (Disco)
L.C.H.C. Liberty City Hardcore (Punk / Hardcore)
Unknown Liberty Rock Radio City 97.8 (Classic Rock)
Unknown Massive Soundsystem B 96.9 (Dance Hall)
Unknown Public Radio Liberty (Talkshow with telephone calls)
Unknown Radio Broker (Alternative Rock, as LCD Soundsystem)
Unknown San Juan Sounds (Latin)
Unknown The Classics 104.1 (Hip Hop - Old School)
Unknown The Journey (Ambient / Chillout)
Unknown Tuff Going Radio (Reggae, as Bob Marley)
Vladivostok Vladivostok FM (Music from Eastern Europe)
WKTT We Know The Truth (Talk)