Liberty City Stories Powerups

Step into the icon of one of these and something different will happen. Each one with a screenshot, and description.


Health icons refill your health back up to full.


Armour icons refill your armour back up to full.

Save Points

Save Points allow you to save your game, and they can be found at all your properties and assets.


Clothing icons allow you to cycle through your available clothes.

Police Bribes

Police Bribes will take your felony level down one star. If you have no felony, nothing happnes. You can grab them in a vehicle or on foot.

Adrenaline Pills

Adrenaline Pills make everything appear in slow motion for a minute. When you punch or kick someone, they really fly. End it early by entering a vehicle.


Rampages start by stepping into the icon. If you fail, it reappears in the same place.


Weapons are gotten by stepping into a weapon icon. If you already have the same type of weapon, press the Replace Weapon button (L1) to grab this one instead.