Liberty City Stories Powerups

Some vehicles have the special ability that lets you do missions, here are descriptions for each. Just hop into one of the mentioned vehicles and press R3 (the right analog stick in). You must complete all of these for 100%!

Vigilante Missions

Vigilante Missions
You can do Vigilante missions in the Police Car, FBI Car, Enforcer, or the Rhino. Finishing level 12 gives you an extra 50% boost in armour capacity.


Firefighter Missions
Hop into a firetruck, complete level 12 to make Toni invulnerable to fire. You'll be putting out cars and the people on fire, so get a good placement before spraying to catch them before they run.


Ambulance Missions
What some people consider one of the hardest thing in the game: Ambulance Missions. If you finish all the way to level 12, you get infinite sprint.


Taxi Missions
Deliver 100 people in the taxi, anywhere, and it doesn't have to be in a row, and you'll get the Bickle '76. Looks cooler, and it's a little better, but you're going to be sick of taxi missions anyways by then so it's kind of useless.

Trash Dash

Trash Dash
Collect dumpsters around the city and drop them off at the specified point. Each new dumpster you grab gives you extra time. You need to do this on each of the islands, and you receive $4000 when your done.