Our History

GTA Domain first started out as a site made for made up missons for Grand Theft Auto III. Missions would slowly be added, traffic to the site was slow, and it had a simple layout. More than half a year later, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came out. New sections were added, like Fanfics, GTA: Vice City missions, and more. However, soon I stopped updating the site for months. Then, in July 2003, when I came back to check the counter for fun, I noticed a steady stream of traffic was still coming to the site.

I then began to update a lot, because there was a backlog of around 40 missions to update. The layout felt kind of outdated, and because there was beginning to be so many pages, I needed to use what I'd learned in CSS to make page maintenance easier. So then, I began the new layout, and completed it just at the start of September, 2003. The site then exploded, with daily traffic a minimum of 10x higher than before. The new layout also got me accepted as being hosted by GTAGaming.com, which offers great services and no worries about downtime on the site.

With all the pictures GTA Domain had, it needed to be expanded, but with the limited space for links in the old layout, I decided to go ahead and attempt a page with tables. This would allow a lot of space on the site, and easily add new sections at any time. Now, this site has been up for over 500 days now, and gone through several layout changes. We're sticking with this layout for now, and I'd have to say I'm proud of how it turned out! =) Here's a pic of it:


In October 2005 the fourth design was started, as the old one was getting stale and we needed a new look. It progressed into early November with help and input from the members in the forum on what they thought looked good. The basic framework had been laid out, but with school work catching up on me the site was put on the sidelines. By May 2006 however, school was done and work on the site was restarted. Here's the finished layout, at 4.0, and it's my favourite layout to date! It uses little coding tricks I've been learning along the way to make it an even better experience. Enjoy! It finally made it online on June 12th after many delays, but it was well worth it.

Our latest design was created in December '07!