Custom Mission

Grand Theft Auto: New Horizons

  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: December 22, 2007 - 04:14 PM
  • Author: Spork

Set in Vice City, 1978
Antone and Callistus are on their way to Vice city on flight 69.
"So Antone what's the name of this place were gonna be stayin' at?"
"I've already told you a hundred times, it's the Pelican Hotel on the Eastern Island"
"How're we gonna get there?"
"Joeys coming with Alessandria to pick us up from the airport"
Screen fades and re-appears showing flight 69 touching down at Escobar International Airport.
Antone and Callistus walk out of the airport corridor into the waiting area.
"Callisto, Antone!"
"Joeyy, how are you?"
"Fine, fine, how about yourself? You look a little below the weather, and by the looks of it the weather is bad as well"
"Heh, yea well you see I've been sick the past two weeks and have only just gotten better"
"Oh and here is my not so little niece, Alessandria! How are you going, god the last time I saw you, you were so small, and now you are, well so big"
"Oh hi there uncle Cally, how are you?"
"Enough chitter chatter, there's stuff to be done, let's get your gear into the car and show you to the apartment"
"Wow Joey you have really outdone yourself this time, she's real smooth. Just look at how well modelled it is.
"Thanks, it didn't cost me a penny either; it's a company car if you know what I mean"
Joey throws the luggage into the back of his car
"Hey Antone, why don't you drive and test out the beauty"
Gameplay starts, with a black box appearing in the upper right corner showing you the controls of how to walk around and how to enter the car. While driving to the Pelican Hotel there is an orange blip on the mini map which shows you how to get there and many other directions on driving.
"I'm sorry to have to do this to you both but as you already know Mario and Danielle are staying at ours until tomorrow when they leave to go home to Italy."
"Yea that's fine, I'm sure we will be able to live through just one night"
Once you arrive at the Pelican and have driven into the Orange marked area a cut scene starts.
"Hey I'll arrange for vehicles to be delivered for you both here by the end of the day, I know some people who own a dodgy car yard on the western island."
"Oh sure thing, thanks very much for that"
Antone and Callisto collect the keys to their rooms and head upstairs as the screen fades away.
The phone rings
"Hey Antone its Joey's man, the cars are parked in the alley to the left of the building, and Joey has left a note for you in one of them"
Antone and Callisto walk down to check out their cars, two Sentinels, green and red.
Antone gets in the red one and reads the note
"Hey Antone, sorry to be a problem but Elisse is at the North Point mall until 5 o'clock today, and I'm busy doing something, so you will have to go pick her up, she knows a fair bit about the whole city so just ask her and I'm sure that she will be able to show you the basics of the city.
You follow the blip on the map which directs you to North Point Mall, and when you arrive in the orange marker, a girl of about 20 comes rushing out of the doorway with red cheeks and a horrified yet excited look on her face, she sees your car and quickly jumps in.
"Quick go!"
"What- What the fuck's happening?"
"Just go for God's sake, MOVE!"
"Ok, Ok jeese Louise"
Game play starts and as soon as you start driving away a Mall guard and a Policeman appear out of the doorway and the policeman starts shooting at your car and gets on his radio.
"Ok what the fuck just happened?"
"I'll explain once we're clear, but I think you had better start moving faster because I think we've got company"
"Oh fuck"
Three police cars come screeching around the corner and flying up to your car, one policeman leans out of the passenger window with a shotgun and fires at your tires.
"Shit, fucking hell, why won't this piece of shit move any faster?"
"Just down here is a Pay 'n' Spray, to the right"
A spray can icon appears on your mini map for you to go to.
As you pull into Pay 'n' Spray Elisse says that this time she will pay but it's normally $150 to get your car repaired or resprayed.
"Ok now I think it's time you explained to me why I risked both our lives while speeding away from the cops"
"I've had my eye on these really cute but really expensive shoes at the mall you see, and no one was looking so I just put them on and left my old shoes under the seat, but then this big security guard appeared and tried to get them off me so I ran and he called the police"
"I, well, err... Wow so you are pretty lucky that I turned up when I did then"
"Yea I suppose that I am but things always go my way, but anyway daddy told me to show you around here before you drop me off, so drive just down here to the left to the Ammu-Nation,. Yea that's the one right here, ok here is where you can buy all sorts of smaller weapons to defend yourself with, there are also a couple of tool stores around which are useful"
"Ok thanks"
"Yea it's really a good idea to have some sort of a weapon on you these days, things are getting rough in Vice City, well anyway I'll show you the hospital and the clothing shop now, as I'm sure you will need both of them every now and then"
Once you have driven around and been shown all the use full places the corresponding icons appear on your mini map whenever you drive near them.
"Hey can you drop me off at the docks, I need to get some stuff from a contact of mine before I head on home"
"Yea sure thing, it can be thanks for your showing me around"
"Oh don't worry about that, it's nothing"
You drive to the dock's and Elisse gets out of the car and walks up to a cheap looking girl of around the same age who gives her something and Elisse runs back to the car.
"Thanks for that, now you know where the house is right?"
"Now the house is just over here behind the Ocean View Hotel"

Mission Successful.

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