Custom Mission


  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: March 24, 2008 - 02:21 AM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization Ch.1: Contract

(Pre mission requirements)
Acquire a Stretch and rig it at 8-ball's.
Get a Colt, a submachinegun, and take either: Bazooka with one rocket, a minigun with 50 bullets left, or a Assault rifle with 300 bullets (more or less)
Drive the loaded Stretch to the estate and park it where it was. Then get out and go up the steps, then make like your about to go down and go into the limo as if nothing was waiting to blow up in it. Get inside.

The mission briefing

Tommy gets a call on his phone in the Stretch.

"Is this Tommy Vercetti?"
"Your limo is rigged to exlode"
"Wait, who the hell?"
"Listen carefully, you must not leave the limo until I say so"
"The hell? Your watching me?"
"There is a camera in your Stretch in your front mirror. Smile."
"What do you want me to do then, I assume this has a point?"
"Our organization is very interested in you Mr. Vercetti...or should I say Mr. Teal?"
"Are you Mr.Black?"
"No, he is our recruiter, and you have completed the requirements. 5 assassination contracts...impressive."
"What do you WANT?"
"I want you to kill enough cops to get your wanted level up to three, then I want you to evade the cops all the while in your limo, then head to the pay and spray. Once you've been resprayed, get over to Prawn Island and leave your limo when I prompt you to, then kill enough gangs to get to two wanted levels in the area and then fight cops to get five wanted levels. Escape via skimmer to Starfish Island and get inside the Vercetti Estate. There one of your men...undercover...will hand you a contract."

Use the Stretch to drive-by cops or peds, to get three wanted levels. Then go to Prawn Island after getting resprayed, and leave the limo. Get five wanted levels, then escape with the Skimmer to Vercetti Estate, and find a redhead henchmen.

Ways to Fail:
Leave the limo before the Prawn Island arc
Get busted
Get wasted

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