Custom Mission

Organization - Part 3

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: April 4, 2008 - 11:19 PM
  • Author: GTA Custom Missions Maste

Edited version

The Organization: Ch.3 - The Plan

Pre Mission Requirements: Acquire a fast car, a Cheetah or an Infernus, and this arsenal of weapons:
Kruger Assault Rifle
Red Laser sight Sniper
Tear Gas (Console) or Molotov Cocktails (PC)
MP Submachinegun
A super weapon of your choice (Recommend Minigun)
Plain Shotgun

Go to the Junkyard.

The Mission:
This time, there are two men waiting for Tommy. Mr. Green is dressed in black, and another in a bright blue suit. Both have Phytons in their hands.

Tommy speaks to the man in the blue suit.

"Let me guess...Mr.Blue?"
"Correct Mr. Teal, or can I call you Tommy? Thomas? Tom?"
"Enough with the formalities I think Mr.Blue."
"You two Rainbow stalkers gonna tell me what you want with me, or can I go?"
(Mr. Blue speaks next)
"Haha, rainbow stalkers. Yes Mr. Teal, we're going to tell you what we want. Hand over the merchandise first."
"I don't think so. I went through hell to rob those stores and killed lots of cops to get the weapons. Do you have any idea how hard it was? The stuff stays with me."
(Mr. Green is next, dont get confused!)
"Mr. Teal, you can keep them if you want. Gathering the items was a test of your abilities. What we really called you here for was to let you in on our plan. We have formulated a plan to defect the Organization, and seize it for ourselves."
(Mr. Blue speaks next)
"However, there is a problem. While we can seize the Organization by killing the leader, as our other members know and have been told-"
"Woah, you tellin' me your leader told you if you could kill him, you could have his spot?"
"Correct Tom, don't interrupt me again if you please. I am a very, very proficient Mafia hitman. I have quite the inner temper if aroused."
"Go on then."
"Right, where was...ah yes, our leader never reveals himself to us, and never so much as gives us paper orders that have the slightest evidence of fingerprints. He speaks through Mr. Yellow, his most trusted man. Mr. Yellow could be a relative or a very close friend, because that is the only reason why Boss would reveal himself."
(Mr. Green speaks)
"And we have awaited a new recruit for some time now. Because we have also awaited something so rare and beautiful it only happens every few years, our leader meets the new recruit in person. However, his face is covered by a mask and has a plethora of bodyguards with him in those cases."
(Mr. Blue)
"Our chance is now, though I wish we had more time. Mr. Black has told Mr. Yellow already about you, Mr. Vercetti, he will come soon, of his own accord, unnanounced of course, if you wish for us to tell you our "recipe" for this plan, you must procure the ingredients."
(Mr. Green)
"That's right Mr. Teal. Here's your shopping list, go pick us up those items from the Fort Baxter Military Base "special" store."

Leave the Junkyard, and go to Fort Baxter. Move through the base and kill as many of the men to make 6 stars as possible, then steal the Hunter from the base, making sure you smash through the gate with your fast car, making sure you do not get your own Hunter, and making sure that you do not have a Police Uniform on. Navigate the Hunter through Vice City all the way to Hyman Memorial Stadium, take out three VCPD Mavericks on the way, whether from the Downtown helipad, or from the sky. Touch down the Hunter on the helipads to the right of Hyman Stadium, (the ones near the Rampage that include Molotov Cocktails). Now go back to Fort Baxter any way you wish, and steal the Panzer. Go back to Hyman Stadium with the Tank, making sure you destroy 5 police vehicles on the way. Park the Panzer on the parralel helipad to the Hunter. Leave the Panzer, and now keep all police vehicles in sight away from the Helipads for three hours (game time) while Mr. Blue and Mr. Green transport the two vehicles to a safehouse. If a Panzer gets too close, use repeated Molotovs to burn it. The tanks are vulnerable to Molotovs. You may NOT enter a vehicle during the three hours. Once the time is up, Mission Complete.

Ways to fail:
-Get Busted
-Get Wasted
-Do not meet vehicle destruction quotas on the Hunter and Panzer.
-Do not keep Police Vehicles away from the Helipads for three hours.

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