Custom Mission

Organization - Part 4

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: April 8, 2008 - 01:42 AM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization: Ch.4 - Old Yeller

Pre Mission Requirements:
Pick your own selection of weapons. Get a fast car. Go to the Junkyard.

(Bodyguards are allowed)

Tommy walks into the Junkyard, there is Mr. Blue waiting for him.

"Ah, Mr. Teal, always with the fashionable, unshaved appearance."
"Yeah yeah, look, how are we supposed to kill the Boss if we don't know when he's coming?
"Oh but we do, Mr. Green got in contact with a source on the inside of the Boss's bodyguard system. It seems he hired some punkish young man from Liberty or San Andreas that had good reputation, but questionable loyalty issues."
"How do we know the guy isn't just checking for people killing his employer?"
"We don't. So Mr. Green has kindly offered to only reveal his involvement, our identities are safe in the event of a complication. I know this because I planted a tape device and used a sattelite to watch and hear the deal myself."
"I am a very powerful man Mr. Teal. I don't really much care for more power actually."
"So why the plot of you know, killing your big bad boss?"
"The excitement. I had to stop taking Hit jobs from the Mafia Don because I became too important. It's been a very boring life, I haven't been able to so much as touch a gun since this all started. But I have to be honest with you Tommy, we're not going to share the leader's spot. I bet in fact you're plotting against me right now."
"So c'mon, pick up a gun and we'll fight like civilized criminals."
"Ah wait, before you do anything you regret my friend, you might want to know, Mr. Green and I have no wish for the leader's spot. It's Mr. Yellow's spot we want."
"What? Excuse me, you just want to stay a member after all this?"
"Oh no Mr. Teal I will be honest again, the leader spot is the hardest spot of them all, the concealing identity while feverishly looking out for cops and trying to hide all evidence of drug deals or hit contracts. I do not know how he sleeps at night. Mr. Yellow on the other hand has a nice comfy spot at his side, only being a nice little secretary. You are a natural born leader. As for me and Mr. Green, we prefer the leader's side. I started out as a hitman at the mafia man's side, and Green started as a lowly Drug supplier. Look where we are now."
"Ok you've made your point, and I think I actually believe you."
"Good so there will be no...ah how do you say..stab in the back involved here?"
"Right now, can we get to business? What's the job for me?"
"Alright my friend, Mr. Green will have to stay away from Vice City so he will have an alibi for the plan. So it's up to us now, and we will have to be careful in this assignment. Now, Mr. Green's source tells us that Mr. Yellow has flown into Vice City, and is using a rented Washington to drive around. I suspect he is in Ocean Beach, scouting out your room in the Ocean View Hotel. He does know about my sattelite use, so he is being very careful to hide his face. I have no idea where exactly he is, so he may be on Starfish Island or Washington Beach, look there too if you cannot locate him. Once you've found him, take him out of the car, then get in the car. Make him come in the car after you (use HOPINGIRL cheat on PC). Drive him to ah...haha...under the Skumole SHACK or near it. Do you get it?"
"Yeah yeah, Old Yeller, shack, I get it.
"Then kill him, the boss is in town tommorow."

Go to Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, or Starfish Island and look near your safehouses there for a Washington with a man in it. Once you have, type in two wanted level cheats in a row or work up at least four stars (This simulates that Mr. Yellow has called the cops to help protect himself). Take him out of the car then, and get in the car. Make him get in with the HOPINGIRL cheat. Drive him to or near the Skumole shack, working up 5 stars however way you can. Take him out again, then kill him. Then take the car to 8-ball's and drive it to the Boatyard. Drive it straight into the water with you getting out at the last second, then detonate the car. Lose the cops at any Pay N Spray besides the one in Vice Port and go back to the Junkyard. Mission Complete.

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