Custom Mission

Organization - Part 5

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: April 11, 2008 - 08:26 PM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization: Ch.5 - The Boss

Pre Mission Requirements:
Take your pick of weapons, no bodyguards. Get a fancy car (Deluxo, Stretch, Infernus, or Banshee), and go to the large field where you did Cabmaggedon (near 8-Ball's place). Rack up six stars with cheats, and wait. The mission breifing stars after you make the four stars.

The Mission: Part 1
Tommy gets out of his car and looks around the area. There is noone in sight. He takes out his cell phone and dials Mr. Blue.

"You sure this is the spot Blu-"
"Wait what?"
Tommy dives into his car and emerges into Vice Port.
"The army and the cops are on to us!"
"Yes, they are, i'm having a chase with them on the other side of Vice City, and im not the one chasing. This is more excitement than I hoped."
"Can you handle it? I can't throw off the army myself, so don't drop out of sight of them, or else i'll have all of Fort Baxter and the VCPD on my tail"
"Fine Tommy, i'll give you two hours until I take the safehouse Hunter and get away. I have 5 tanks on my tail."
"I'll take the safehouse Panzer then."
"No, then you'll lead the army right to the house. Take one from the army itself. The base is emptier than usual, and I believe they'll have at least one more tank. They always leave one behind for safety."
"What about Mr. Boss?"
"Throw off the cops first, then i'll tell you what I know."

Objectives: Part 1
You have two hours (game time) to make it to Fort Baxter. Keep in mind you cannot take any tanks on the road, you must go to Fort Baxter. Once you've taken the Panzer, fire on 10 police vehicles on the road, heading towards the Vercetti Estate. Park the Panzer in the garage, then head inside the Estate. Have a shootout with the cops, make it last two more hours. Only use one health and armor pickup during the shootout. Then use the (LEAVEMEALONE) cop losing cheat, or go to the Pay N' Spray.

The Mission: Part 2

Tommy dials his phone while he heads to his mansion top Maverick.
"You ok?"
"A damn cop got a bullet in my arm before I was able to reach the Hunter. It's been a bitch driving. I need to go to a doctor, but this helicopter will tend to attract attention"
"Alright, quick take that to my Hyman Condo top, and get a Maverick. Then go to Little Havana into a cheap looking doctor's building. Tell them Tommy sent you. He helped my friend who had his arm blown clean off."
"Ah, you are a leader, you grasped control of the situation."
"Maybe. Now how'd they catch on?"
"It seems Mr. Yellow was being watched by the Boss's sattelite, and well...he saw you. But he got the information after he boarded his flight."
"Don't he have a private jet?"
"You would be surprised how much fuel it costs. Besides, it's more discreet."
"Where is he? I want to ring his neck."
"He has checked into the Hooker Inn in Vice Port. By the way, it was named after John Hooker or something. Not actually a-"
"Ok, yes, very interesting, how many guards?"
"He has them dressed up as FBI agents, ready to fly in if necessary. They're watching the place. The Boss is stuck. He can't get out of Vice City until tommorow, and he has to remain invisible."
"So I go in the Inn and get him?"
"No, his guards would get you first. You need to draw the guards to you so they don't kill you first. They have your picture, and I am sure wearing a mask isn't going to help."
"Right, draw the guards to me, then kill them?"
"I estimate about 20 guards, maybe more. Kill all FBI that come up to you in the first two hour of the assault. They are paid to be quick to act. I cannot aid you however, I took a hit from a high powered Sniper rifle, and I suspect I could lose my arm permanently. You would not believe how hard it is for me to keep a phone to my ear and still drive this Hunter."
"I'll get the boss then. He's going to die tonight."

Objectives: Part 2
Wait till the sunset, and then head t the Hooker Inn. Work up five stars in the streets, and fight off as many FBI as you can for 2 hours. Do not kill anyone but FBI members after five stars. You are allowed two bodyguards for this part of the mission. When the two hours are up and the Army is closing in, the Boss will make a run for it, and he will steal a Police Cheetah. Get him out of the Police Cheetah, and kill his special guard, who is the driver of the car. Punch the Boss until he falls down, and before he gets up, shotgun his head. Crouch over his corpse (simulating you picking him up and putting him in the car), then take the Cheetah to the Junkyard, using a cheat to lose the cops, or go to a Pay N' Spray. Go to Little Havana and go to the place where you ended the Boomshine Saigon mission, the ex-army surgeon's place. The Organization is now yours. Mission Complete.

Ways to fail:
Get Busted
Get Wasted
Cheat on any parts where you are not allowed.
Does not follow the exact objectives mentioned.
Fails in or between the two parts. If failing part 2, start at part 1 again.

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