Custom Mission

Organization - Part 6

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: April 23, 2008 - 03:24 AM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization: Ch.6 - New Management

Pre-Mission Requirements:
Acquire a Sports car (Banshee, Infernus, Cheetah, or a Hotring Racer) and park it in the Vercetti Estate. Get any weapons you want, except you must have a Minigun and you must have Tear Gas (Or if you have PC like me), Molotov Cocktails. Walk into the Vercetti Estate. Make sure you have the money and the 100% game completion to hire bodyguards.

The Mission:

Tommy walks into his Estate. Mr. Blue, Green, and two other men are gathered there.

Mr Blue speaks
"Congratulations Mr. Teal, you've done it."
(Tommy speals)
"Hey how's your arm?"
"Alas Mr. Teal, i'm afraid i'll never hold a gun again, the surgeon was quick to stop infection and take out the shrapnel, but the damage was done."
(Mr. Green)
"I had expected a death, not such a minor loss as this. I had expected Mr. Blue to do the job in fact."
(Mr. Blue)
"I did too, but Mr. Vercetti had other plans."
(Mr. Green)
"Back to business then. Let me introduce to the two people next to me. The one on the left is Mr. Red, he's in charge of our drug operations, along with myself. He does the deals, I deliver them. The other one is Mr. Black, our recruiter, Mr. Blue by the way, handles all the weapons that the Organization needs."
"All right, this is what i'm talking about, complete control. How powerful are we?"
(Mr. Black)
"Mr. Teal, we are the very best crime organization in the United States, Japan, Russia, you name it. We are so careful and cunning...that people don't even know we're the best."
"Just so I make it clear, if you come after me to get the Boss spot, I assure you I sleep with both eyes open and a loaded gun."
(Mr. Red speaks with a foreign accent)
"Our men does not have any wish to challenge the individual who defeated the leader of the Organization since it's birth. But it is wise to stay cautious."
(Mr. Blue)
"You know you can trust Mr. Green and myself to protect you don't you Mr. Teal?"
"You, I trust. Mr. Green, I don't trust you. While Blue went and lost his arm and I nearly lost my life, you were in some hotel sitting on your ass watching whatever movie was on, sipping champagne in your blue silk pajamas thinking, 'I wouldn't want to be those guys'. I wouldn't be surprised if you leaked the assassination information to the Boss to get on his good side, not Yellow."
(Mr. Green)
"Very good observation, I was afraid you would question me. Be assured though, I did not leak this information. You can count on Blue and myself to protect you."
"Protect me? I don't even know your names. Plus, that would mean a cripple and a possible snake is protecting me."
(Mr. Red)
"May we continue this another time? We have come here to talk business, not treason. Now, we have reason to believe that the people's on this list have given the VCPD on Washington Beach information about the Cocaine operation we're running. These people are not merely pedestrians who reported to the police, but members of the FBI undercover. They thought that they were spying on us, but we moniter our deals through our very own satellite's so we were watching them. We know who these people are through background checks from the faces we caught. Hell, we even caught one guy's badge sticking out. Some of these men are plainclothes, some work elsewhere in the Police Force. Be warned that if they are not taken out soon, we risk the imminent exposure of our Organization. Even the regular cops know these guys, so they'll increase their attempts to protect them by calling in the Army. The Army has been on high alert ever since the attempted and successful murder of dozens of men with guns and a very old man that stole an FBI Cheetah, but was killed with the rest of them - that would be Mr. Boss."
"And you want me to do this? The Boss guy? Not to say that I haven't done much worse, but i'm too important now right?"
"If you wish, Mr. Blue and Green could accompany you. Mr. Blue can still handle a Colt with his off arm."
"No, i'll take Mr. Green. Time to see if he can live up to the new Organization's standards."
(Mr. Green)
"Uhh, Mr. Teal, I do not think he was serious."
(Mr. Red)
"Yes I was, prove your loyalty by going out in the field. Do half of what Mr. Blue did. If you should turn your gun on Mr. Teal, know that the Organization will fall apart with lack of leaders and Mr. Blue would most likely hire someone to take care of you. He tells me Tommy has assured him his life by distracting the Army from attacking him wholly.

Hire a bodyguard, this will be Mr. Green. If he should die during the mission, it will not affect the story. The mission is not failed if he dies. Go to the following locations and take out these people:

Travis Wilson: Works at the Front Page Bar. Description: Black shades, blue swimsuit underwear. No shirt. If you cannot find him in an hour, shoot any man with a swimsuit on.

Denise Kardina: Flies a seaplane with an advertisement on it over Vice City at day. At night, she walks on Ocean Beach dressed as a Hooker. Description: Black bra and only black articles of clothing on her body. If you take her out on day, you must use a Hunter to shoot her seaplane.

Joe Walker: By day, he walks on Ocean Beach, chatting with random woman or sitting down next to one. Works at night at the FBI. Get five wanted stars if you take him out at night and kill four agents, then lose the cops. Description: His daywear is either a leather jacket, or a tight underwear swimsuit. At night, an FBI uniform and pants.

??????: Not found in any database. Suspected to hang around the VCPD in Little Havana. Possibly works inside the donut shop. Kill the clerk, and any five cops that come at you instantly - if the target wasn't the donut shop clerk, and was around the VCPD HQ, it would be those people. Description: Clerk wear or Police wear.

Steve Scott: [b]Skip this one.[/b] Works at Interglobal Film Studios as a Director. Description: Unavailable.

Shin Choi: Works in the special Police forces. Is found in an FBI Cheetah at Daytime, at nightime his whereabouts are unknown. Description: Red-Headed. No other description.

The S.W.A.T is on to you as soon as Shin Choi is killed, his partner sent a request for backup. Rack up four stars and avoid any S.W.A.T Enforcers from totalling your car. Do not fire on them, that would attract more attention, and to attract the high alert Army is to be avoided. If you get six stars, mission failed. Get to the Pay N' Spray at any place but Vice Port, and then go to 8-ball's to rig up your car. Destroy the car. If you can, keep Mr. Green with you at all times. Do not leave him behind unless he is dead. Mission Complete.

Ways to fail:
Get Busted
Get Wasted
Do not fill out all assassinations by three days game time.
Get six stars after Shin Choi is killed.
Do the list out of order.

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