Custom Mission

Organization - Part 7

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: April 24, 2008 - 04:44 PM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization: Ch.7 - Aaaand....ACTION!

Pre-Mission requirements:
Get a full arsenal of weaponry. You may NOT use any extrene weaponry (Bazooka, Flamethrower, Minigun) during this mission. You may have one bodyguard for this mission. Go to Vercetti Estate.

The Mission:

Tommy Vercetti holds the hit list with all the names checked off except for one, and walks into Vercetti Estate. Mr. Red and a woman is waiting in the Bar room, chatting with the bodyguards.

(Mr. Red)
"Ah, as you see, there is a strange development, as you see from that list. But where are my manners? Mr. Teal, this is Racheal Wheeler, otherwise known as Mrs. Violet. Her name was leaked, you see."
(Mrs. Violet speaks)
"I am the intelligence mastermind behind the Organization. I have had government training in the C.I.A itself, but rest assured, I have long since proven myself a double agent on our side."
"The C.I.A? Sounded like a great job, why'd you flip?"
(Mrs. Violet)
"Crime pays better."
(Mr. Red)
"Introductions aside, you may have noticed that Steve Scott is on your list. Until Mrs. Violet did some digging, I did not know that you were the boss of the Interglobal Film Studios."
"So, when and how did he make the leak?"
(Mr. Red)
"Well you see, he discovered quite easily your illegal actions, not just the ones he gave you, but ones he himself spyed on. He led the cops to one of the deals you made on a shipment of ...ahh white gold, just before Mr. Green sought you out. Now that your no longer a simple international drug dealer, exposure would mean mass chaos to the Organization. In two hours, these bodyguards will leak to Steve Scott that you got a tip that the gangs on Prawn Island are having a major cocaine deal in the Boatyard's warehouse, they have been known to make deals like this. I am quite certain he will tell the police, and they will take Scott with them to the deal, protecting him, of course, to make sure Scott did not try anything. If he was right about the deal, he gets a nice, juicy paycheck. Let's give him a bullethole in the head instead."

Objectives: READ THESE!
Get to the Boatyard warehouse in two hours. You may bring along a Panzer (simulating that you are using the Panzer you got in Ch. 3. Use the PANZER cheat on PC to make this easier). Use the wanted level boost cheat to make four stars. Before the next game time hour is up, shoot five S.W.A.T vehicles, unless you get five stars before getting five S.W.A.T enforcers. After that game hour, destroy ten police vehicles, and when you get the tenth one, shoot one more FBI car, and you will discover Steve Scott was in that vehicle. Get into a boat and have a two hour chase through the waterways of Vice City. After the hours are done, head to the Hyman Memorial Stadium by boat, get out, and make your way to the Hyman Condo by foot. Grab your helicopter, and once inside, type in the LEAVEMEALONE cop losing cheat for the PC. Mission Complete.

Ways to fail:
Get busted
Get wasted
Cheat (Unless told to do so)
Do not get all the time limits
Do not meet all the vehicle destruction quotas

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