Custom Mission

Organization - Part 8

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: April 30, 2008 - 12:57 AM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization: Ch.8 - Backstabber

Pre-Mission Requirements:
Get a full arsenal. Park a fast car in the Vercetti Estate garage. Go inside the estate.

The Mission:

Tommy walks into the estate and sees a slaughter. The Vercetti gang members in dozens are dead all over the floor. Among them is Mr. Blue and Mr. Red. Mr. Blue is still moving.

"What the HELL happened here? F***!"
(Mr. Blue)
"Double cross. They came in numbers. head."
"Easy, easy. First we got to get you to a doctor."
(Mr. Blue)
"No matter, I will survive. I was not wounded anywhere vital. Though I may never use my limbs again."
"Who's the asshole who double crossed us? Green?"
(Mr. Blue)
"Alas, Mr. Green is one of the corpses in your office. Violet, Black, and the newly arrived White escaped. The new recruit, taking Mr. Yellow's name, got away as well. The attackers went after them. I do believe half your gang managed to escape via Maverick and Sea Sparrow, and of course a good portion of running."
"Hell broke loose and I wasn't here for it? Red and Green are dead, and the rest of us are in danger. It's just you and me now, and your in no condition to fight. Now who was the prick?"
(Mr. Blue)
"It wasn't anyone glamarous. It was Mrs. Violet's "secretary". The man passed information to the FBI and the Army. He would have been rewarded substantially, but Mrs. Violet found him out right after the leak. She killed him, and came down to warn us. She also saved my life, managing to shoot the guy about to shot me. It did look like I was dead though, because the shot missed and hit the ground next to me. I was lucky, depsite the bullet wounds in my legs. What we need to do now is save everyone else, and to do that, we need to destroy the Army so publicly and so efficiently that it will be legend."
"Right, cause we don't know where the members are hiding?"
(Mr. Blue)
"That, and I really want those bastards to pay. There might be some survivors in the Vercetti Estate to help you. For now, I must take leave before the police come to scout this area more thoroughly. This Estate is now dangerous to the Organization and yourself. I called my men to come here as quick as possible, they are in Vice City. They will remove everything from the estate and sanitate it from legal troubles as well as they can. They are coming in trucks you see. Needless to say, you must turn invisible forever after this. You will probably have to leave Vice City soon. The Organization will survive and live on."
"To hell with everything that's happened!, I ain't leaving Vice City. I'm going to destroy the Army, the FBI, the CIA, the VCPD, my mother, everyone that gets in MY way is going down."
(Mr. Blue)
"Fool. You can't do all that. The law is stronger than the greatest criminal, and the Organization has been compromised. The law will hunt us my friend, and we will run from it. Either that, or you must be removed to improve the efficiency of our agency."
"Damn. DAMN! If you were anyone else, I would have shot you. Because I respect you, I ain't gonna. I think I hear the trucks coming. I'm going to make sure Red and Green didn't die for nothing. Stay alive."

Pick up two bodyguards, and get a Hunter from Ocean Beach's helipad. If you haven't got 100 packages, get one from Fort Baxter. The bodyguards will help you if you need to go to Fort Baxter and will be available later on. Head to Fort Baxter if you stole the Hunter from the Ocean Beach pad. Fire missiles five times each on the towers, twice for the hangar, three times for the buildings, one for the obstacle course, and one for the entrance and the tents. You are now out of missiles, so you must use your Hunter minigun to fight. Shoot 30 Army troops, and destroy any S.W.A.T or FBI that come near Fort Baxter. Once with six stars, shoot 10 Barracks OL's, with the minigun. Now head to Little Havana and fire on the police cars parked in front of the VCPD there. Go to Downtown and destroy the police car parked next to the building, and then the Police Maverick on the helipad. Have a dog fight with a flying Police Maverick after doing so, still only using your minigun. You will win, but then the Hunter must land because of the smoke coming out of it (pretend if its not smoking). Get to Vercetti Estate and pick up one or two bodyguards. Go to the fast car parked in the garage, and head to the remaining VCPD's in Vice City. Destroy all cars parked there. You do not need to stay in the fast car.

Ways to fail:
Get Wasted
Get Busted
Do not meet destruction quotas
Do not follow all direction.

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