Custom Mission

Organization - Part 9

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: May 4, 2008 - 07:49 PM
  • Author: GTA Custom Mission Master

The Organization: Ch.9 - Undercover

Pre-Mission Requirements: Get into a four person car. You may only bring a Nightstick (Police melee weapon), a Colt, an Uzi, and GET REMOTE MINES. Drive to the Ocean View Hotel and park your car outside. Go in.

The Mission:

Tommy walks into his room. There is a man pacing back and forth inside.

"Hey, who the hell are you?"
"Oh my GOD! Phew, wow! Your alive! Oh uh umm, im sorry sir, I am the uhh replacement Mr. Yellow."
"You seem a bit nervous to be in a big time crime syndicate..."
"Ah oh well, after what happened at the estate...ah umm, anyway, I am a well connected arms trader, and I am low profile, which helps me uhh, you know, keep my cover."
"Well then, where's everyone else? How'd you know I would come here?"
"Mrs. Violet suggested that we, you know, split up and go to your different establishments. Black went to the Print Works, Violet went to the Malibu Club, and White went to the uhh...I think Kaufman's Cabs."
"Call them and tell them all to meet up at the Malibu Club as soon as the sun hits the ground."
"Ok, YES, I will do that."
"Seriously, are you related to Ken Rosenburg or somethign? You could be his freaking twin"
"Ah who?"
"Ok shut up. Guess I gotta make the plan this time..."
"And im sure it'll be great, cause you are so good at what you do and...ok shutting up."
"Hmm...well Fort Baxter is a smoking pile of ruins, and the Army needs to reestablish itself. There will be lots of investigations and tracking done, but they won't find anything. I left no tracks, except a big blown up helicopter with my handprints on it. The VCPD will be a problem though. The FBI and S.W.A.T are working their asses off trying to find the members of the Organization. I got a call from Mr. Blue, who's currently using his last remaining limb. He said that Green and Red were moved, all the stashes were taken, including the drug stash, the Maverick and the limo were taken away, and the rest of the place was sanitized, so we won't get any trouble from the Estate. Still, they know that Tommy Vercetti is behind all this, and they'll find this room soon. Call Blue and tell him to send some guys to sanitize this place as well."
"Yesss sir."
"Before we can make our getaway, I need to say my goodbyes and secure some items. I need to hire managers to take care of my businesses, I need to cripple the VCPD, get some weaponry from Phil Cassidy, and sever my connections in Vice City, apart from my businesses. Call Violet and tell her to hire the managers and sever my connections."
"Done, done, and done. Uhh umm, what will you be doing first?"

Get a police uniform and car, then equip your nightstick. Patrol the streets until you find a cop chasing a criminal. Exit the car, and take the criminal out. Get into your vehicle and use the HOPINGIRL cheat for the PC to make the cop come into your car, he will think your driving him back to base. Take him to the beach area and kill him where there are no sunbathers in sight. (Pretend) That you take his I.D card, and go back to Washington's Police station. Plant a remote mine inside each office and bomb the building. Exit the building and head to the Vice Point chopper checkpoiny and get into the Sparrow. Park the chopper on Hyman Condo and grab your Sniper from the top of the building. Snipe down 10 cops to clear the coast, then take the following vehicles to the parking lot of the Hyman Memorial Staduim for transport away from Vice City:

1. An F.B.I Washington
2. A Maverick
3. A Hunter
4. A S.W.A.T Enforcer
5. An Infernus

Finally, go to Phil's Place, and buy five pickups of Colt M60 (The gun used in the Phnom Penh 90' mission).

To complete the mission, check in to Apartment 3C (If you don't know what this is, contact me)

Ways to fail:
Get Busted
Get Wasted
Cheat when not asked to
Do not follow orders exactly.

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