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Vice City: Hitman Asset- Hitlist 1

  • Game: GTA Vice City
  • Date: September 6, 2008 - 06:18 PM
  • Author: Vercetti Thug

So your done with Vice City and want something else to do? I've made up a Hitman Asset that you can PRETEND to follow. This is NOT a mod, I suppose it's somewhere around fanfiction, but really, the point is for you to follow the list and my instructions. I made those Organization missions, and I am posting this on GTA Domain and TGTAP.

Pre-Mission: Obtain the following items for the level 1 hitlist.
-Brass Knuckles
-Regular Shotgun
-Bazooka. Only allowed to use 1 rocket.
-Grenades (Tear Gas if on console)

Mission: Level 1 Hitlist.

Payphone in Little Havana.

"Mr. Teal? My employers would like to thank you once again for a job well done."
"Look, I really think I didn't get payed enough for the last job."
"Oh? Why do you say that?"
"Oh maybe because...there was a freaking shootout on top of my Ice Cream Factory and i'm the main suspect!"
"Don't worry Mr. Teal, we won't allow you to go to jail. Your our most faithful contact in Vice City."
"I don't care! I just better start getting payed before i'm sued."
"I see where your coming from Mr. Teal, but have you noticed anything strange about this call?"
"That your an ass?"
"No, that this is not a recording."
"Does it matter?"
"Turn around and decide for yourself."

Tommy turns around to see a man in a black suit on an adjacent payphone. His face is covered. He speaks.

"Mr.Vercetti, I am Mr. Black, and if you accept my offer, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams."
"Show me your face then."
"I'm afraid I cannot do that Mr. Teal. I just thought I would come in person, to make you feel more appreciated."
"Whatever, i'll do the jobs, but I got two conditions. One, I want real pay, and Two, I better not be working for the mob again, that didn't turn out so well."
"We know Mr. Vercetti. Both conditions are met, as my partners and I are private hitmen. That is, they are, but I am the recruit seeker and job finder. I've compiled a list of people that several of my employers would like to see dead."

Level 1 Hitlist:

Joey Carter: Wanted for sleeping with an employer's wife. Description: Black man, usually wears blue overrals and lives in Vice Port.
Day Job: Works in the Port. Description: Blue overrals. Drives a Packer or Bobcat.
Night Job: None. Can sometimes be found in the Malibu Club. Might be in a different outfit.
Way to Kill: At day, take him out of his vehicle and beat him to death. At night, shoot him down.

Linda Richards: The cheating wife. Description: Woman, usually wears a red, expensive coat and has a black hat. Black lacy costume at night.
Day Job: None. Shops in the area near or inside the Vice Point mall.
Night Job: Hooker. Found on Ocean Beach.
Way to Kill: At day, kill her by doing a drive-by. At night, get her to come into your car and take her to the beach. You may do whatever you want before you take her out of the car and kill her.

Reggie Kylier: Wanted for saving the life of a man an employer tried to murder. Description: Man. Wears a light blue paramedic's outfit at day. At night, his whereabouts and clothes are unknown.
Day Job: Paramedic. Light blue paramedic clothes.
Night Job: N/A
Way to Kill: Murder a man near the Downtown hospital. Reggie will be the paramedic that comes out the back of the ambulance. Shoot him and his partner down.

Rick Tylers: Wanted for "busting" an employer's husband. Description: Man. Works at S.W.A.T.
Day Job: N/A
Night Job: S.W.A.T team member. Description: S.W.A.T uniform.
Way to Kill: Work up 4 stars in the Downtown area. When the first S.W.A.T van comes, let all the S.W.A.T team inside get out. Kill the driver, then get to the nearest Pay N' Spray.

???????????: The employer was ridiculously unclear about this target. Could be male or female.
Day Job: Advertises on a seaplane.
Night Job: None. The employer states that the target sometimes goes to the Club Malibu, though we do not know why the employer did not specifiy the target's gender or ethnicity. Dresses in a black or green suit costume. Could be security.
Way to Kill: At day, get a Hunter and find a seaplane flying over Vice City. Shoot down the seaplane. At night, kill all green and black clothed people in the Malibu Club.

Maria Rogers: Wanted for robbing the employer's convenience store and forcing him to live on the streets. Not to worry, the employer can still afford us. Woman. Found in either Little Havana, Little Haiti, or Downtown. Description: Raggedy clothing, green top, old jeans. Bit of a humpback
Day Job: None. Wanders around, homeless.
Night Job: None. Wanders around, homeless.
Way to Kill: At day & night, perform a drive-by

Mission Complete.


Ways to Lose:
-Get Busted
-Get Wasted
-Fail to get all targets within 24 hours game time.
-Fail to get at least 3 targets in 12 hours game time.

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