Custom Mission

trailer park mob blastout

  • Game: GTA VC Stories
  • Date: September 28, 2008 - 02:21 AM
  • Author: gta sa 55

THIS ISN'T A MOD, just something i made up in my mind and it just fake so use the money cheat after but dont save cause it will screw up your crimanal ranking

Phone ring
LANCE:Hay vic come back to the compond and bring a guys
LANCE:just come quick
VIC:all right
now pick up a guy in a suit and head to the compound
grab the infernus and rigg it with a bomb

find a group of guys in front of a protection racket building and start to fire the AK47

as that bullets fly pretend and shoot one of you guys
bring out the minigun and shoot everything

when the 500 bullets are done use the 45 bullets in your chrome shotgun

just when your last bullet in your gun are gone use your fist and punch everyone in your site

then get out of town and use a skimmer head to the invisable wall then when u blasts back use the money cheat

mission complete:$150000$

ways to fail
cheats until the ending

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