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The Harry missions, part 1

  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: October 26, 2008 - 05:12 PM
  • Author: gamermanh

The Harry missions, part 1- Intro

Weapons- you can already have a sawn off shotgun, or if you have 100 tags, wait.

Location- CJ's house, Los Santos

CJ walks into his house and looks around. He sees a tall 13-year-old kid sitting there on his couch.
"What the FUCK are you doing here?!!!!!!"
"I am waiting for you. I am Harry, and I have some jobs for you."
"I need some work done, and I heard of you. I can pay."
"O.K. What you need?"
"First take this gun" Harry hands CJ a one- barreled shotgun
"follow me!"
They exit the house.
Harry-"Get us a car."

Objective- Get a car, as you drive, Harry explains what you need to do.
CJ-"This gun looks different, why it have one barrel?"
"It is my design, it is very powerfull."
"What do I need to do?"
"Simple. Kill Frankie Puterstien, an enemy of mine. He is in the hills.
Drive to the hills, look for a man in a Sedan. When you find one, pull the man out, and shoot him in the head to blast it of.
Go back to your car.
Harry-"Good, I'll take his car, see you later."
"Wait! My money!"
"Oh yeah, hear you go!"

Mission complete- $50,000
Harry missions, HT on radar

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