Custom Mission

EZ Cleaning

  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: November 21, 2008 - 10:49 PM
  • Author: Marco Da Gta master

Mission requirements
78.9% Territory owned
Own Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher

Blow Ganton Gym Up
Waste Big B
Get Out Of Los Santos Into The CountrySide

Mulholland 7:11pm
Phone Rings
"wassup sweet?"
"get yo ass down here pronto we got a situation here nigga!"
"aite be there soon homie"
Grove Street 7:58
sweet:"groves! the motherfukin russians are pushin crack out of the gym right under our fuckin noses!"
cesar:thats ri' holmes those russians have been fuckin around with us for too long now eh?"(cesar is there because the grove & cesars gang have unified but i cant remeber what cesars gang is called lol.)
cj:we guna need to clean this mothefucker out"
sweet:"aite cj, cesar, round up every mothefucker u can find it guna take a fuk of a lot of firepower to take this motherfucker out"
Grove Street 8:47 pm
u arrive at the gym there are gunshots and bodys everywhere this is where the mission begins.

Ways to fail
Get wasted
let sweet get wasted
let cesar get wasted
blow up the gym before you are supposed to
get busted, because the police will arrive at sum point

Mission Achievements
Access To Verdant islands
Infernus Delivered To Grove Street

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