Custom Mission

Grand Theft Auto: Venganza Islands

  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: December 22, 2007 - 04:10 PM
  • Author: attackofpat1

Soborno Docks, Colombia 1996
Three men walk through a lot; two are wearing red and holding briefcases. The other is wearing a brown suit. Two other men, one wearing a Hawaiian shirt, the other wearing a black suit, walk up to the three men. The man in the Hawaiian shirt is holding a briefcase of his own.
Man in black suit: You Diego's men?
Man in brown suit: Yeah, that's right. You got the money?
Another man appears on the roof of a building nearby, wearing a black muscle shirt.
Man in black suit: Damn straight.
Man in brown suit: And we got the stuff.
The men in red open up their briefcases. Bags full of jet black drugs are seen.
Man in brown suit: Now, remember, we're giving you a bargain. We're only charging this little because this shit is new. Once this stuff gets popular, don't expect the price to be the same. Lemme see the money.
The man on the roof holds up a Sniper Rifle, and looks at the men through the scope. The man in the Hawaiian shirt opens up his briefcase, revealing tons of cash stored in the case. A gunshot's heard, and the man in the Hawaiian shirt's head explodes, and the man falls to the ground. The men in red drop the briefcases, and reach for their weapons. The men in suits merely look toward the source of the shots. The men in red fall before they can draw their weapons, and the men in the suits fall soon afterward. The man on the roof puts down his sniper rifle. The men lie on the ground, and soon the man on the roof appears on the ground. He picks up one of the briefcases, and looks inside. Behind him, several men in red stealthily approach behind him. The man in the black muscle shirt picks up another briefcase, and looks inside. One of the men in red pulls out a Sawed-Off Shotgun, and quickly approaches him. The man in the black muscle shirt picks up the final briefcase, but before he can open it, the man in red pulls the trigger on the shotgun. The man in the black muscle shirt falls over, and blood is all over his back.
Man in red: No one messes with Satan's Soldiers.
The screen fades out.

The screen fades in. Inside of an office, a man in a cargo jacket, Colonel Cortez, is sitting in a wheelchair behind a desk with a blanket on his lap. An oxygen tube is strapped to the back of the wheelchair, and is connected to his nose. Nearby is a man in a sailor suit. In front of the desk is a somewhat fat man wearing a striped purple shirt, Herberto Ramirez.
Herberto: Armando just needs a place to stay. Soborno isn't safe for him. He stirred some bad blood with Diego and the Satan's Soldiers, and if they find out he's alive, they'll kill him... He's a good kid, he's just lost right now.
Cortez: Herberto, you're my dearest friend... Whatever you need, I'll be happy to provide... This is a big house, if your son needs a room or two, I'll be happy to help you.
Herberto: Thank you, you don't know how grateful I am. I'll call Armando right now.
The screen fades out.

The screen fades back in. The man in the black muscle shirt, Armando Ramirez, is in the back of a red taxicab. The cab stops.
Driver: End of the line.
Armando: What? This isn't where I wanted!
Driver: When you pay me 35, this is how far you get. Now get out of my cab.
Armando: Goddammit!
Armando gets out of the cab, and it speeds off. Armando flicks off the cab as it drives away.

MISSION: Presenting: Pobreza

You're now playing Armando, in the city of Pobreza, the first city in Venganza Islands. Venganza, a group of islands in Colombia, holds 4 cities; Pobreza, Cuadrilla, Ciudad del Isla, and Soborno. The western portion of the Pobreza is home to the poorer citizens of Venganza. The wide, open area to the east, Abundancia, is where many of Colombia's richest live, and large mansions fill the area. Pobreza is also home to to the Selva Jungle, in the southwest portion.

Right now, you need to make it to Cortez's mansion in Abundancia. First, you need to steal a car. The usual message will appear on the screen, telling you the controls, and the methods to do this and that. Get into any car, and drive it to the mansion. Simple enough. When you park outside of the mansion's steps, a cinematic starts.

The sailor wheels Cortez in his wheelchair through the hallway, and Armando walks beside him.
Cortez: Your room is right at the end of the hallway... If you need anything, just call on one of my servants.
Armando: Okay, whatever.
The sailor wheels Cortez into an elevator, and the elevator door shuts. Armando walks through the hallway, and goes through an open door into a room at the end of the hallway. Inside is a man in light green jeans and a white t-shirt, Emilio.
Armando: Hey, Emilio, what are you doin' here? I haven't seen you since we hit that bank.
Emilio: Your dad told me you were here. What happened?
Armando: I dunno, I guess they had backup hiding somewhere.
Emilio: Armando, I told you it wasn't going to work! Didn't I tell you?!
Armando: Yeah, yeah. I guess you were right... So, what, are you living here now?
Emilio: Nah, only visiting. But if you're staying in Pobreza, I guess I will too. Come on, help me find a place to stay.
The screen fades out.

Now, you're inside of a green Glendale outside of Cortez's mansion.
Emilio: Alright, I need a place to stay. Let's just drive around Pobreza and look for a place.
A marker appears in Miedo. Drive Emilio to the spot using the Glendale. While you're driving, you'll hear a news report on the radio.
Reporter: A new drug by the name of Demon Dust (possibly the black drug being bought in the drug deal you ruined) is gaining in popularity throughout the U.S., and Colombia is the source. The U.S. government considers the drug a major problem, and President Richards won't stand for it. Richards established a new organization, the United States International Anti Drug Force, or USIADF, in order to combat it. He states that drugs are ruining American society, and put the annihilation of Demon Dust as his top priority. He appointed former agent, Micheal Toreno, to head the organization, and the organization is starting to deploy in parts of Colombia, but has already reported arrests of major cartel leaders responsible for spreading drugs throughout the US. If these trends continue, Demon Dust will be a thing of the past in a few short years. We now bring you to your regularly scheduled program.
When you get to the marked spot in Miedo, Emilio will tell you that you two have to look for some abandoned places. Armando says that Gamberro seems to have a lot of abandoned places, and a new marker is put on Gamberro. Drive there, and Emilio will say that he can't find a place he likes. He suggests going to Matanza to see if anything's there. Drive to the new marker in Matanza, and you and Emilio will notice that there aren't any abandoned places in Matanza. Now, Emilio will remember that there's an abandoned wooden cabin in Selva Jungle. Drive through Pobreza, and go off into the jungle. The jungle is full of dirt roads and trails, and because the Glandale isn't built for this kind of thing, you should take it somewhat slow. One trail will reach the cabin, so follow it, and another cinematic will start when you park near the cabin.

The inside of the cabin is run down, and the only furniture is an old stove, a wooden table, and a single chair.
Armando: This place sucks.
Emilio: No, it's perfect. It's in the middle of the jungle, so it's a perfect hideout.
Armando: Whatever. I'll be back sometime, in case you need anything.
Emilio: Wait, Armando... Some of those guys who think you're dead, they might find out your still alive. Go get a haircut, and buy some clothes to get a little bit of a disguise.
Armando: Yeah, you're probably right. I don't even have a weapon, so if they do find me, I'm screwed.
Emilio: Here, I brought some money back from Pobreza. Take some.
Emilio reaches into his pocket, pulls out some money, and gives it to you.
Armando: Thanks, man. I'll be back over here soon. Maybe you and me will find some ways to make money in this town.
Armando leaves the cabin.
MISSION PASSED. An "E" appears on the radar on the jungle hideout.

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