Custom Mission

Grand Theft Auto: Lady Liberty

  • Game: GTA San Andreas
  • Date: December 22, 2007 - 04:12 PM
  • Author: XxLinkin ParkxX

Prolouge: The "silent character" of GTA III has taken over Liberty City, the Mafia has crumbled, the Triads were all taken out by a HUGE gang war between them, and the Yakuza. The Yakuza is the gang that runs Liberty, considering they are the only gang that doesn't hate you. The Columbain leader was killed and the gang has disipeared, the Yardies were broken up due to wars raging with in the gang, and the Hoods have died off. It's been five years sence the day the Mafia wanted to kill the "silent character", who's name is Mitch Cormadia. He thinks he has a tight hold on the city, but quietly, slowly, seeping through Liberty City's streets is a new terror. A drug called Hell Rock is getting into the streets, and new gangs are rising up to fight against Mitch, the Yakuza, and each other. Ammu-Nations are selling out quickly, and Mitch knows that this can only be trouble. With 3 MORE islands to be discovered, something big is sure to happen.

Intro: Mitch is talking with one of his Yakuza troops. (Yes, he actually talks in this game.) "So, I hear a new gang has come up to plauge Liberty, the West Side Venoms? Seems like a wanna-be gang if you ask me." Said the Yakuza troop. "Well, considering they are pushing the Hell Rock," Mitch said, "I find them to be potential enemies." Just then, a loud explosion is heard right next to Mitch's villa in Saint Marks, follwed by a storm of gun shots. "Hold em' baaaack!!!" A Yakuza troop yelled. Another huge explosion occured. Mitch and the Yakuza troop look out of the window in the villa and see dozens of Yakuza fleeing, running for their lives, as hundreds of West Side Venoms with RPG's and M60's shoot off thousands of shots. "Get the leader in the villa!!!" One of the Venoms yelled. "Oooooh shit!!!" Mitch yelled, "Okay, you and me need to get to the attic and try to hold these guys off untill some reinforcements come!!! I told you these guys were enemies!!!" But it was too late, the Venoms launched dozens of rockets at the villa, and it exploded. As the remains of the villa burned, the Venoms stared at their job. Then, hundreds of tanks and helicopters appeared and boxed in the Venoms. "Face it," a Yakuza troop said, "you are all screwed." The tanks fire out at the Venoms, and it rained blood and countless body parts flew across the area. Every body though that Mitch was dead, but evil never dies. Three years later, Liberty City is in chaos. The Yakuza are gone and the streets are full of drugs and death. At Francis Intl. Airport, a plane lands, and out of it appears Mitch. He was alive, and ready to take back his town after he was burried in the remains of his villa and survived. He ended up far off in San Andreas. He was in a comma when the paramedics found him, and brought him to an intensive treatment center in Los Santos. The year is 2008, and Liberty City was about to get a wake-up call. The Venoms had taken control of Liberty. Control of Portland, Staution Island, Shore Side Vale, and "Ghetto" Nai. Firis Island and Genuine Port were still untouched, but were slowly getting pulled into chaos and drugs. But the Venoms had no idea that five other gangs were brewing in the big pot of death, drugs, corruption, and money. The Gulaiti Mafia was the second gang to turn up. Followed by The Banditos, the Brazilian Amizon Gang, the Juan Carlos Family Mafia, and the South Side Silvers. Now it was up to Mitch to get the Yakuza back togeather, and Liberty City under his control once again.

Jensi Mission 1: Back In Action.
Reward: $100

Mitch walks out in the front of Francis Intl. and a blue Stallion pulls up to pick him up. He was counting on an escort to his new hideout. In the driver's seat is one of the very few ex. Yakuza that chose to stay in Liberty City. "Hello, my name is Jensi Kangi. You must be Mitch. Glad to see you alive." Jensi said. "Well, where to? Where can I hide that I actually won't get killed?" Mitch asked. "In Genuine Port, it's the only safe place in Liberty, even I myself have to live there. There is a small building on Wholemill Street, you can hide there for a while. Hop in." Jensi answered. Mitch and Jensi are riding on the Genuine Brigde when four Venom Cruisers box in the small Stallion. "Shit!" Jensi yelled, "They can't follow us, here, open the glove compartment and take out the Uzi, try and take those cars out before we reach the hideout!" Mitch pulls out the Uzi. Be careful, because the Venoms will be shooting at Mitch and trying to catch the car on fire. If the car blows up or if you don't blow up all four cars before you reach the hideout, you fail the mission. The car's health is in the right corner. Once you drive-by all four cars, a cinematic starts. The blue Stallion pulls up to a small, crummy little house. "It isn't great," Jensi said, "but it'll do. I have some money for you, while you were gone, Liberty got very messed up, let's hope we can fix this mess." "Thanks." Mitch replies. The blue Stallion drives off, leaving Mitch in front of the small, crummy house.

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