San Andreas Characters

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson is the main character of San Andreas. After your mother was murdered, Carl decides to return to try and save his family. While going back to his hometown, he is framed by a couple of crooked cops for murder. He's voiced by a rapper named Young Maylay.

Sweet Johnson

Sweet Johnson, CJ's older brother, calls all the shots for the OGF. He's under investigation for murder, gang banging, car crimes, and other things. He sees himself as the community leader. He believes that gangs have positive influences on communities. Although he's naive, he's powerful and uncontrollable. Sweet is voiced by Faizon Love.


Smoke is a part of Carl's old crew and a longtime friend of the Johnson family. He's doesn't call the shots, but he does have a strong influence. He's had multiple arrests and convictions, but never served a long jail sentence. His family background is uncertain. He regards himself as a potential saviour and ruler of known universe. Smoke is voiced by Clifton Powell.


Ryder is an old friend of CJ's, and he has a short fuse and a serious mean streak. Ryder is voiced by MC Eiht.

Old Reece

Old Reece is your hair cutter, and is found at Old Reece's Hair Facial Studio in Los Santos.

Kendl Johnson

Kendl Johnson has been at odds with her brother Sweet in recent years, and this only adds to the family's disarray. She's currently dating Cesar, and CJ reluctantly approves. Kendl is voiced by Yo Yo.

Officer Frank Tenpenny

Officer Frank Tenpenny is one of the corrupt cops that picks you up from the airport and drops you off in rival gang territory. Both him, Pulaski, and Hernadez, make up the anti-gang unit called C.R.A.S.H. Tenpenny is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Officer Eddie Pulaski

Officer Eddie Pulaski is one of the corrupt cops that picks you up from the airport and drops you off in rival gang territory. Both Frank and Eddie knew CJ back when he was in juvenile hall. Pulaski is voiced by Chris Penn.

Officer Jimmy Hernandez

Officer Jimmy Hernandez is the final member of the C.R.A.S.H. unit. He goes along with Pulaski and Tenpenny, but doesn't necessarily agree with what they are doing. Hernandez is voiced by Armandon Riesco.


Cesar is a friend of CJ. He lives in San Fierro, and is dating CJ's sister, Kendall. He's a good friend of CJ's and is willing to help out the Johnsons. His cousin is Catalina. Cesar is voiced by Clifton Collins.

Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg is a recording artist that owns a large mansion in Los Santos. He has problems with alcohol, and cocaine. He has no criminal record or gang affiliation. It's reported that he's unlikely to cause major social problems aside from his immediate circle. Apparently, he's the reason OG Loc can't get any success in the rap business. Madd Dogg is voiced by Ice T.


B-Dup has apparently drifted away from the gang banging with the Orange Grove Families and is now into other activities. There have been allegations of false imprisonment and kidnapping of friends. B-Dup is voiced by The Game.

OG Loc

OG Loc is a wannabe gansta rapper, named Jeffrey Martin. He has no criminal record, besides a few unpaid parking fines, but should not be a threat to his community. Note to self: stay away from his music! Although he can come across as annoying at times, you have to admit, he's one of the funniest and liveliest characters in San Andreas. OG Loc is voiced by Jas Anderson.

Wu Zi Mu

Wu Zi Mu is known as Woozie. He's extremely Americanized, and leads his gang in the hills of San Fierro. He's also a great race car driver, despite being blind. Woozie is voiced by James Yaegashi.

Ran Fa Li

Ran Fa Li is known as Farlie. He is the leader of the Red Gecko Tong Triad gang in San Fierro. It's Woozie's job to do well in front of Farlie, because Farlie outranks him. Ran Fa Li is voiced by Hunter Platin.

The Truth

The Truth is a whacked-out hippy. He drives around in a tricked-out Camper, which he calls "The Mothership". Obviously, he's been spending too much time in his weed fields. The Truth is voiced by Peter Fonda.


Catalina is a psycho bitch. She loves pulling off robberies, and will do anything to get an adrenaline rush. She's desparate for attention, and is currently dates Claude with plans to move to Liberty City (GTA3). Catalina is voiced by Cynthia Farrel.


Claude is our silent friend from GTA3. Actually, he was the character you played as in GTA3. Remember how Catalina shot you at the start of the game? Well, since San Andreas is before GTA3, here Claude is dating Catalina with plans to go to Liberty City.


Zero is your standard geek. He runs an electronics store in Garcia, San Fierro. His archrival: Berkley. Although we never get to see Berkley, he manages to cause a lot of trouble for our friend Zero. Zero is voiced by David Cross.


Jethro owns and operates the Xoomer Gas Station in San Fierro. Being the guy he is, he has no problems being available to help out CJ at his garage. Jethro is voiced by John Zurhellen.


Dwaine was running his Hotdog Van business before meeting up with CJ. He, along with Jethro, accepted the job to become mechanics at the garage. Dwaine is voiced by Navid Khonsari.


Jizzy owns his own place called the "Pleasure Domes" in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro. It's an adult entertainment place, where Jizzy makes sure he has all the fun he wants. Jizzy is voiced by Charlie Murphy.

T-Bone Mendez

T-Bone Mendez has his own connections with the likes of Jizzy, Toreno, and members of the OGF. Also believed to be a member of the San Fierro Rifa. T-Bone Mendez is voiced by Kid Frost.

Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno has his own ranch in the Tierro Robada area, east of the desert. He's a CIA agent, and manages to watch your every move. He also gets a kick out of sneaking up on people. Mike Toreno is voiced by James Wood.

Salvatore Leone

Salvatore Leone is back again, so look for him and his gang to make a surprise visit in Las Venturas. Salvatore is voiced by Frank Vincent.