San Andreas Glitches & Secrets

Title Type Game Author Date
One way mirror in tattoo parlorGlitchesGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2408/18/08
car swingTricksGTA San AndreasBender7307/25/08
No More BASEjumpingGlitchesGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2407/19/08
Hidden Rockstar LogosSecretsGTA San AndreasSem07/19/08
CJ video gameHidden DetailsGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2407/02/08
DMA HydraHidden DetailsGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2407/02/08
GrottiSecretsGTA San AndreasEmilio06/30/08
Secret ValleySecretsGTA San AndreasEmilio06/28/08
Corrupt Game SaveGlitchesGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2406/02/08
Cock RockHidden DetailsGTA San AndreasThe123robot05/22/08
Strange MirrorGlitchesGTA San AndreasThe123robot05/21/08
Black Hell JumpHidden DetailsGTA San AndreasFlying fish05/13/08
Cool Pool BallsHidden DetailsGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2405/11/08
Northstar RockSecretsGTA San AndreasEmilio05/03/08
Suicidal PhotographersHidden DetailsGTA San AndreasStanislav Kacar05/01/08
Rockstar Action FiguresSecretsGTA San AndreasGTAForums04/24/08
Doherty Ghost TownGlitchesGTA San AndreasDRIV3R2404/16/08
Invisible WallGlitchesGTA San AndreasEmilio03/27/08
Be a Millionare from the beginning.TricksGTA San AndreasJimothy Robbins03/19/08
Pictures of Cj GlitchesGTA San AndreasJimothy Robbins03/19/08