San Andreas Features

Car Customization

Car Customization has been wanted by many, and now it's here. You can change the exhausts, front bumpers, rear bumpers, roof, spoilers, wings, wheels, and the colour. The best customization though, would be the nitro boosts you can add to your car.


Eating is a must in San Andreas. If you don't eat, a message will tell you to eat. You'll have to eat at least once every few days, but eat too much and you'll get seriously fat. When you're fat, you run slower, and have lower stamina. You can eat at a wide variety of restaurants throughout the cities.


Robberies are a new way to get some quick cash in San Andreas. If you steal a moving truck, you can press R3 to start robbery side missions. It is best to wear a ski mask or balaclava during robberies. Robbery missions can only take place during the night. You can steal things such as stereos, VCRs, and TVs. After you steal something it can be loaded into your truck.


Swimming is a welcome addition. You automatically do breaststroke, but by holding X you can do freestyle to go faster. You can also dive underwater, but you can only stay there for as long as your stamina bar can last. If you're not at the surface in time, you drown!


Tattoos are a great way to brand yourself and to distinguish your CJ from others. Most tattoos only cost $50 bucks, and there are different styles of tattoos you can get in each city. Los Santos has guns, gang names, and women tattoos; San Fierro has Aztec symbols, and drug iconography tattoos; Las Venturra has cards, and dice tattoos.


Fitness is now required, or you'll become slow and fat. There are a variety of ways to work out: riding your bike, playing basketball, swimming, running on the treadmill, or using the punching bags. If you work out enough, CJ will get firm and ladies on the street will even comment on how he looks.


Bicycles are a great new addition. Of course, the usual stoppies and wheelies can be done, but on top of that, now you can do bunnyhops, 180's, 360's, and more. Also, with the new quads, you can also do wheelies and stoppies.


Fighting has been deeply changed. You learn different moves and combos at various gyms, each in one of the cities. For example, the gym in San Fierro is called the "Cobra Marital Arts" gym, and you learn a separate type of fighting sytle there. Once you learn a new fighting sytle, it replaces the old one.


Clothing has been changed, because now you'll get to choose and buy what you want. After buying some clothes, it'll be in your closet at your hideout, so you don't need to buy it again if you change out of it. You can buy shirts, hats, sweaters, pants, and more.


Hairstyles are yet another new way to customize yourself. Some haircuts will cost $150, while some can cost up to $600. Styles include bald, jheri curls, afro, and flattop. There are a variety of barbers throughout San Andreas.