San Andreas Gangs

Orange Grove Families

Orange Grove Families are the original street gang of Los Santos. They're declining in control, because of possible internal disputes. Members include: Sean "Sweet" Johnson, Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, Lance "Ryder" Wilson, Mark "B-Dup" Wayne, and Barry "Big Bear" Thorne.
Location: Ganton, Los Santos.
Business: The thought that they don't hae a serious involvement in the drugs trade has led to their decline, while some OGs are heavily involved in the PCP business.
Colour: Green.

Los Santos Vagos

Los Santos Vagos are hispanic gang that are the sworn enemies of Varios Los Aztecas. They're extremely dangerous.
Location: East Los Santos, Los Santos.
Business: Unknown.
Colour: Yellow.


Ballas are a rival gang of the Orange Grove Families. They're one of the major criminal organizations in Los Santos. They've been around as a street gang since the 1970s. It's thought that they're making ties with the Mexicans for drugs, and Russians for weapons.
Location: Idlewood, Los Santos.
Business: Drug deals, gang banging, prostitution, arms dealing, vandalism, degeneracy, and cocaine trade.
Colour: Purple.

Varrios Los Azteca

Varrios Los Azteca are an extremely dangerous hispanic street gang. They've had a long time feud with another gang called the Los Santos Vagos, and all other street gangs in Los Santos. They also dislike the San Fierro Rifa.
Location: Little Mexico, Los Santos.
Business: Gun running and street violence. They've been traditionally anti-narcotic.
Colour: Turquoise.

San Fierro Rifa

San Fierro Rifa do not like the Mexican gangs found in Los Santos.
Location: Garcia, San Fierro.
Business: Cocaine.
Colour: Light Blue.

Da Nang Boys

Da Nang Boys are extremely violent. They are at war with the Chinese Triads and have major interests in the protection business.
Location: Easter Basin, San Fierro.
Business: Unknown.
Colour: Mixed, primarly identified by Vietnamese style shirts.