San Andreas Unlockables

Here's a list of everything you can unlock in San Andreas. On the left column, you'll find what you have to do to get the reward on the right. Obviously, this contains some spoilers so read as much as you'd like.

What to DoWhat You Get

100% Completion

Stats and Cash Boost, Rhino and Hydra Delivered to CJ's House

100 Tags

Tec-9, AK-47, Molotovs, and Sawed-Off Shotgun at CJ's House

50 Snapshots

Sniper Rifle, Micro SMG, Shotgun, Grenades, at San Fierro garage

50 Oysters

Increased Lung Capacity and Sex Appeal

50 Horseshoes

Increased Luck, M4, MP5, Shotgun, Satchels, at Four Dragons Casino

Weapon Levels

Hitman Level with Pistols

Dual Pistols

Hitman Level with Mini SMG

Dual Mini SMG

Hitman Level with Sawed-Off Shotguns

Dual Sawed-Off Shotguns

Hitman Level with Tec-9s

Dual Tec-9s

R3 Missions

Finish Level 10 of Pimping (R3)

Prostitutes pay you money

Finish Level 12 of Firetrucks (R3)

CJ's fireproof

Finish Level 12 of Vigilante (R3)

Max Armour now 150

Finish Level 12 of Ambulance (R3)

Max Health now 150

Finish 50 fares in Taxi (R3)

Nitro on Taxis


Date Barbara

Keep weapons after being busted

Date Katie

Keep weapons after being wasted

100% relationship with Katie

Medic Outfit

100% relationship with Denise

Pimp Outfit

100% relationship with Michelle

Racing Outfit

100% relationship with Barbara

Police Outfit

100% relationship with Helena

Overalls Outfit

100% relationship with Millie

Gimp Outfit

Import/Export Dock

10 vehicles at I/E Dock


15 vehicles at I/E Dock


20 vehicles at I/E Dock


25 vehicles at I/E Dock


30 vehicles at I/E Dock



Get all Bronze Awards in Driving School

Super GT

Get all Silver Awards in Driving School


Get all Gold Awards in Driving School


Get all Bronze Awards in Pilot School


Get all Silver Awards in Pilot School


Get all Gold Awards in Pilot School


Get all Bronze Awards in Boat School


Get all Silver Awards in Boat School


Get all Gold Awards in Boat School


Get all Bronze Awards in Bike School


Get all Silver Awards in Bike School


Get all Gold Awards in Bike School



1st Place in Dirt Ring in Las Venturas

BF Injection

Beat score of 25 at Dirtring


Total Time up to 1 minute in Bloodring

Bloodring Banger

1st Place in 8 Track in Los Santos

Hotring Racer


Finish 4 levels of deliveries, SF

Asset: Hippy Shopper

Finish 7 Quarry missions, LV

Asset: Hunter Quarry

Finish 5 levels valet missions, SF

Asset: Valet Parking

Finish Toreno's mission at airstrip, LV

Asset: Abandoned Airstrip

Finish 4 levels of deliveries, LV

Asset: Burger Shot

Finish 4 levels of deliveries, LS

Asset: Roboi's Food Mart

Finish car missions at Wang Cars, SF

Asset: Wang Cars

Finish Zero's missions at his shop, SF

Asset: Zero's RC

Street Racing

Win All Street Races