Vice City Triple Insanes

These are all places you can go to to do Triple Insane Stunts. I've been doing some testing, and so far this is my results for getting a Triple Insane Stunt. You must get:

  • Distance: 135
  • Flips: 2
  • Rotation: 360

Height does not matter at all. So, for example, if you get a distance of 200 and 400 degrees rotation, that would be a Double Insane Stunt because you are over 2 of the requirements. Here are some places to do the jumps. Also, doing any of these jumps is easier when you are morphed to your bike, because you have no worries about falling off, and you can pull back hard to do the minimum of 2 flips.

Prawn Island Fountain

Insane1p1Insane1p1 Insane1p2Insane1p2 Insane1p3Insane1p3

This is on the island with the Film Studio. Just go as fast as you can towards the fountain, and then hit it. I find you get best results if you hit the part that goes up, then just clip the side of the statue, so that it sends you spinning wildy. In one of the pictures you can see I got 1500 degrees rotation. This is a pretty fun jump with the PCJ600, although you could try it with a car, like the Infernus. You still can get a few flips with the Infernus, but a motorcycle is much better to use.

Fence Spinning

Insane2p1Insane2p1 Insane2p2Insane2p2 Insane2p3Insane2p3

To do this jump, I start just before the bridge to Starfish island ends. Then, accelerate as fast as possible to the jump. Be careful to avoid the little yellow strip in the ground, it can really throw you off. What you want to do is just hit the side of the fence that is on the right, and before the jump be pulling back so that you're doing a wheelie. You can get some really good spins, and this jump works great with either the PCJ600 or an Infernus. Also, when using the PCJ600, just keep pulling back on the bike just before you hit the ground, he'll do some flips but won't fall off.

Hyman Jump

Insane3p1Insane3p1 Insane3p2Insane3p2 Insane3p3Insane3p3

To do this jump, I start in the far corner in the first picture. Accelerate as fast as possible and hit the ramp over the helipad. Continue to pull back so he does a minimum of two flips. Also, try and land on the road in front, rather on top of the building, because it gives you a bit more time to spin. This one is very easy to get a Triple Insane.

Stadium Jump

Insane4p1Insane4p1 Insane4p2Insane4p2 Insane4p3Insane4p3

Start where I was in picture one, then accelerate as fast as you can to the part where you hit in picture 2. Make sure you are driving left, this way if you fall off (which is very likely), you'll land on the ground, and not in the water. Make sure you're doing a wheelie before the curb, otherwise you will most likely fall off. This one is a bit harder to land and get the Triple Insane then the others. This is a bike only jump, and it is also much easier if you're morphed to the bike.