Vice City Wanted Levels

Each wanted level has a description and a picture or two. You can always raise your level by killing people, and lower it by finding felony stars, going to the Pay-N-Spray or changing clothes if you have two or less felony. Each of the things that happen in the previous wanted level will carry on and continue in the next.

Wanted Level 1

Wanted Level 1: You'll get one felony if you punch a cop, run over someone, or hit a cop car. However, you won't always get felony if you run someone over, for example. Most of the time you will, if it involves killing someone. One cop car may follow you a little, and a cop on foot will chase you, but that's it.

Wanted Level 2

Wanted Level 2: To get two felony, simply kill a cop. Or, just like raising your wanted level for other levels, continue to kill people, or blow up cars. In the second wanted level, you'll have at least one cop car chasing you, as well as any policeman you see on foot. They also drive much more aggressively.

Wanted Level 3

Wanted Level 3: Now you've really done it. This is the time when cops drive extremely aggressively, helicopters will come and shoot you, as well as SWAT members repel from the helicopters. On top of that, undercover cops in Cheetahs will chase you down and shoot you with Ingrams. And lastly, cops will start laying down spike strips in random places just before you drive by them, blowing their tires. Cops will also set up roadblocks.

Wanted Level 4

Wanted Level 4: Swat Vans loaded with 4 SWAT team members carrying Ingrams will now go after you, and set up roadblocks with them.

Wanted Level 5

Wanted Level 5: FBI Vans that are filled with 4 members of the FBI will hunt you down.

Wanted Level 6

Wanted Level 6: The ultimate felony level. Barracks OL and Rhinos (tanks) come after you. The army men inside are carrying Colt M4s and can kill you in seconds. Rhinos will blow up a car upon contact, and will even try to run you over. The Barracks OLs are ruthless, and can ram your car across the street easily. They can also set up in roadblocks.