Vice City Stories Glitches & Secrets

Get to East Island Early

  • Type: Tricks
  • Game: GTA VC Stories
  • Date: February 15, 2008 - 09:08 PM
  • Found by: Emilio

Get a Yankee [there`s one near Phil`s Place in Viceport,
another is in Downtown,near a corner of the Trailer
Park]or a Trashmaster [you can find a Trashmaster in the
Junkyard,or by driving around Viceport].It`s easier to
do with the Yankee and it`s harder to do with the Trashmaster].The first time I did it was with the
Trashmaster,then I chose the Yankee.OK,go to Starfish
Island,and then head straight for The Diaz Mansion.
Then,when you enter,you actually have to drive backwards,
and then jump on top of the truck.Then,you`ll see
what appears to be that you can jump through there.
No,you can`t,because there`s a forcefield!
Actually,you`ll usually see a jut.Is it
possible to jump through that jut?
Yes,it is.Rotate the camera and make face the jut.
Then,press the Jump button and then it happens.
Vic will actually jump and then into the
bridge.You can continue to get to the East Island.
The things that you can do there:
Pop all 99 Red Ballons to get all weapon Icons
[although the last three don`t spawn at your
Beat all Rampages.
Get new weapons.
Find new vehicles.

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